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Harivansh Acharya’s Gaijatra song ‘Timi Keko Janne’ released

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Kathmandu-Artist Harivansh Acharya‘s Gaijatra song ‘Timi Keko Jaanne, Timi Keko Sunne, Ma Po Jaanne Sunne …’ has been made public. A video of the song with Acharya’s words, music and voice has also been made. The song is full of political satire. In every political party of Nepal, there is a difference between big and small. The same reality is expressed in the song.

The video, directed by Sagar Raj Sharma, stars Harivansh Acharya, Sashi Kumar Khadka, Kiran Tuladhar, Bikash Bhattarai, Sushma Karki, Dhanram Muskan, Anil GC (Bullet), Samrat Ghimire, Deep Sherpali, Subash Mahat and Shankar BC. The video has been shot by Hari Humagain and edited by Sushil Neupane.

For full video Please Click Here

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