-Singer and musician Kankaist brings the first 3D version of the audio "Fida Chu" />

“Fida Chu Timro Rupko”first 3D version is out

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-Singer and musician Kankaist brings the first 3D version of the audio “Fida Chu Timro Rupko” in Nepal-

Kathmandu: Singer and musician Kankaisht Rai’s song ‘Fida Chu Timro Rupko Bol’ has been made public. For the first time in Nepal, a sound mix of 3D technology has been used in the song.

Singer Arjun Poudel’s words, Meen Bisht’s music and Kumar Thapa Magar’s arrangement of the song have been recorded at Virgin Recording Studio.
The lyrical video of this song is three. It has been made public through the Facebook page of D Nepali Music Lab. And the public video has its own visual and imaginary.

Three in Nepali song music. D. And because of the lack of sound mixing, this is the first time Adia has used 3D mixes in this song. The team said that it is a great pleasure to listen to such a song through earphones.

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Singer and musician Kankaisht Rai, who has been active in the music industry for more than two decades, has won the hearts of the listeners by bringing many popular songs to the market, including “Timle Maya Lauda, ​​Mutubhitar Deun Malai Bamboo”

He also runs a virgin recording studio in Naxal, his capital.

Rai also believes that a video of the song will be made public soon and that the song will win the hearts of the audience.

Please Watch the Video

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