Rajan Raj Shiwakoti’s song ‘Ke Lai Hereki’ is released on YouTube

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Kathmandu: Famous singer and musician Rajan Raj Shiwakoti’s song ‘Ke Lai Hereki’ has been made public.

A video of the song with lyrics by lyricist Roshni, music by Gumnam (Anonymous)  and music by Narendra Biogi has been made public.

The mixing and mastering of the song was done by Shyam Shweta Rasaili.

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Directed by San Thapa and choreographed by renowned choreographer Kabiraj Gahat Raj, the video of the song stars Nazir Hussain, Barsha Raut and Sandy Sadaula in the lead roles.

The video is filmed by Arjun Tiwari. The video was made public on Sunday on 8K Everest Motion YouTube channel.


Watch the video

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