Kale Keta-2 did an amazing job, trending on YouTube

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Kathmandu-Within a few hours of its release, the trending song ‘Kale Keta-2′ is gaining popularity. It is trending upwards within 6 hours of uploading. Songwriter Dhrub Prasad Amgai’s words and successful and famous composer Arjun Pokhrel’s music and song ‘Kale Keta-2’ were sung by musician Pokhrel’s wife Durga Kharel (Pokhrel) and accompanied by singer Pratap Dash.

At the time of writing this news, the song is number 13 on trending, with 30,000 likes and more than 6,500 comments.

Musician Pokharel says that the party bus was used in the music video for the first time in Nepal. The beautiful places of Nagarkot are shown in the video. The Arch Bridge in Kathmandu has also been captured in a very attractive way in the video.

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Recently, the chemistry of famous actors Pal Shah , Akash Shrestha and beautiful actress  Pooja Sharma has been very popular among the viewers.

The video of the song featuring the famous celebrity was made public on Saturday from The Devine Music YouTube channel. The lyricist and composer of the song told that they hoped the video of the song would win the hearts of the audience. The song was mixed by Sajan Shah.

It is directed by Vidhan Karki, cinematographed by Utsab Dahal and edited by Bikash Dahal.

Watch the video 

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