Food of Nepal-Nepal's famous food<" />

Nepal’s famous food that attracts the heart

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Food of Nepal-Nepal’s famous food

1. Dal Bhat Tarkari – Dal Bhat Tarkari is the traditional Nepali food. It is cooked in the kitchen of every Nepali every morning and evening. Pulses are made by mixing different types of nuts, while vegetables are often made by mixing available seasonal vegetables.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

2. Seleroti- Seleroti is a traditional bread of Nepal which is round in shape. Especially Nepali big festivals are made during Dashain and Tihar. Very tasty and sweet Selroti is very popular not only in Nepal but also in places including Sikkim and Darjeeling. Selroti is now available in almost all restaurants and hotels in Nepal. Even the tourists who come to visit Nepal enjoy eating celeriac.

Nepal's famous food

3. MOMOs – Momo is one of the favorite food of Nepalis and is also the most popular fast food in Nepal. MOMO is available in various varieties in every restaurant, hotel and fast food shop in Nepal. It is found almost everywhere in Nepal. MOMO shop business is going well in Nepal.

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Nepal's famous food

5. Dhido- Dhido is an old and very popular food of Nepal. Dhido is also considered as the staple food of rural areas but now it is one of the favorite food of every Nepali. Should Dhido is found in almost all hotels in Nepal. Dhido is especially popular with local chicken and khashi meat. Dhido is also eaten with butter, vegetables, pickles and curd. Kido, wheat and fapar are found in Nepal.

Nepal's famous food

6. Ju Ju Dhau Yogurt – Ju Ju Dhau Yogurt, which has a long history in Nepal, is very popular because of its taste. Especially found in the vicinity of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur, this yoghurt is made of clay.

Nepal's famous food
Juju Dhau

# Nepal’s famous food

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