Vijaya Dashami, Mohni Tika today

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Vijaya Dashami


Vijaya Dashami, the main day of Dashain, is being celebrated today across many parts of the country amid coronavirus pandemic.

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On the tenth and the main day of Dashain, people from the Hindu community receive tika (a mixture of red vermilion, yoghurt and rice) and jamara (germinated seeds of barley, wheat, corn and rice) accompanied by blessings from their elders.

Meanwhile, the Kirati people who celebrate Dashain offer and receive white-coloured tika.

Though people can receive and offer tika from the day of Vijaya Dashami to Kojagrat Purnima, the most auspicious time for receiving and offering tika this year has been fixed at 10:19 am on Vijaya Dashami day, according to Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Samiti (NPNS).

During Dashain, over the period of nine days, Goddess Durga and her manifestations are worshipped as the festival is celebrated in commemoration of the victory of good over evil.

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Tika and jamara are considered auspicious gifts of Goddess Nava Durga.

People from the Newar community celebrate Mohni Tika, on this day.

A tika ‘Mohni Sinha’ (a black tika), accompanied with the red tika along with jamara and kokha (white and red shreds/pieces of cotton), are also offered and received on the day referred to as Chalan.

Main celebrations of the festival last for four days from the 8th to the 11th days of the bright half of Kaula which ithe twelfth month in the Nepal Sambar calendar.

Special meals known as Nakhtya continue for weeks later.

Likewise, the Marwari community perform Durga Puja during Dashain and worship Durga as the goddess of Shakti or energy. Dashain is marked with much devotion and fervour. They celebrate the festival by worshipping, eating delicious meals, being dressed in new and cultural attires, and rejoicing in the company of family and friends.

Navaratri or Nawaratha is also celebrated at many parts of the country, especially the Terai plains.

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