Online Learning Sites in Nepal for your Kids

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Nepal is one of those countries, who is suffering from the outbreak of COVID-19. With that reason, the Government announces the lockdown in the entire nation. Since everyone is at their home enjoying quality time with family, friends. It will be even a better idea to keep learning and pursue quality education. So, here are the popular online learning sites in Nepal for your kids.


Online Learning Sites in Nepal

Rosetta Stone Inc.

This site offers you to learn different languages through your smart devices. They offer the paid version and optionally users can use it for 7 days for free. But because of the COVID-19 outbreak, this site is offering three months package free for kids. Check this out.

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Deerwalk Learning Center

Since the government expanded the lockdown period, the SEE and grade 11, 12 exams are postponed until further notice. So, it is better to keep updated yourself using different online learning tools such as Deerwalk Learning Center. This platform offers free courses for students from grade 4 to grade 12. They stated that they prepare this course based on the curriculum passed by officials. Check this out.


And another exciting platform to learn is E-Pustakalaya which offers thousands of books (both visually and audio) for free. They are not specific to the particular age of students or particular course group. Instead, anyone can take benefit from it. Check this out

Midas eClass

This covers the course curriculum of students from Nursery to Class 10. It comprises different video lessons, tutorial classes, quizzes, and exercises. To make it more interesting they offer an animated video class. During the COVID-19 period, they are offering free subscription for 31 days. To apply for the offer type the code “PABSON”. Check this out

Kullabs, Neemacademy

Kullabs and Neemacademy were optional to Midas Class. As they offer the same course at free cost. Check this out

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Along with the web portal, most of these applications do have mobile applications as well. You can search on your favorite mobile play store.

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