Fire at French cloud computing firm disrupts websites

A fire has swept through a French cloud computing provider’s facility, causing outages and disrupting services at numerous companies and websites

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Kathmandu, Tulasi Dahal

French cloud computing company OVHcloud has suffered a major disaster at its data center in Strasbourg, France, after a fire ripped through the facility.

The photos are of firefighters

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The company operates twenty seven data centers across 19 countries & is one of the largest cloud computing providers in the world. At Strasbourg, the company has four data centers buildings known as SBG1–4. OVH cloud Founder Octave Klaba offered updates on his Twitter feeds starting early this morning.

The photos are of firefighters

As ZDNet reports, it looks as though the fire started in SBG-2 & Klaba confirmed that the building has been completely destroyed, while SGB-1 is partially destroyed with four of the 12 rooms it contains impacted by the fire. Thankfully no people seem to have been harmed & both the SGB-3 and SGB-4 buildings survived but have been shut down for now.

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A tweets by Xavier Garreau, containing photos of the blaze demonstrates just how serious the situation was before fire fighters managed to bring it under control and stop the spread.

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