Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells" />

Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells.

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Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells.

Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells.

Everything in the world does have two sides good and bad. But , it is we people to access what is good and what is bad for us. In the same way, the drug or medicine does portray the same feature. If drug is used positively it is a panacea to all disease or infirmity.

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Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells.

It saves our precious life. But, if it is used for ill- motive, then it becomes a bitter curse or menace to all. Literally, the misuse of drug is called drug addition. It is a problem that is existing in 21st century. It is a slow poison that first relieves physical and mental anxiety and pain just for the time being but steadily spoils sense organs in the long run. Eventually, it claims the life of the victim. Specially, the youngsters have fallen victim to this deadly habit.

The victim generally uses opium, heroin, morphine and so on. At first he begins with cigarette and tobacco and gears up his doze and volume. Even knowing its bad habit it can’t be leave  by him. And at last he becomes complete slave of such powerful drugs. It is of course, a matter of great misfortune. There are dozens of reasons why the youngsters become drug addicted. Firstly, family negligence has been identified as the chief culprit in the victim’s surrender to the drug habit. The victim can’t find happiness at home, and then he looks for a substitute and later finds it in drugs. Therefore it is the home first where situation occur that lead the youths to be hooked on drugs.

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Secondly the inclination and friendship with the aadicted persons develop a desire or curiosity within him to follow them. Slowly he gets used to taking drugs and finally becomes a professional addicted. Besides all of this the despaired, unsuccessful and socially neglected persons does apply drug as the best option to escape from physical, emotional and social harassment. The person once addicted to such harmful drugs hardly comes out of this habit and consequently he ruins his precious life at an early age. Drug addiction is a great burning issue of the modern society. It invites a social anarchy or chaos because the drug addict can commit plural crimes viz – theft, robbery, murder, violence etc. in his intoxication. Similarly it helps to spread the deadly disease AIDS to one another as they will be using same syringes.

Therefore, we should take a step to remove it. Government should take action to drug traffickers. One and all should make a commitment to stay drug free and to minimize the problem of drug abuse. In fact drugs are not the solution to personal problem instead they make the matters far worse. Educational programs should be introduced at school and colleges. Further the rehabilitated youths should be given social prestige and employment opportunities so that they could not drift back to drugs.

That’s all for now about Drug abuse and the degradation of neuron cells.

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